I'm flattered that you would like to know a little about me.

Where to start. Well let's see, I'm old enough to know a little, but not too old to know a lot. and I used to attend Drew University in New Jersey as a full time student. I now work for Drew as a Hardware Support Specialist and finished up my degree in Computer Science part time. I lived in Delaware where I went to high school at Salesianum HS. I also attended some continuing education classes at University of Delaware. I moved to New Jersey after getting my current position.

I got married to a wonderful lady and we bought a house together, and live with two crazy cats.

I decided not to put a picture up here because I'm not very photogenic, and there's something about potentially having the whole world seeing your picture. It's sort of like your driver's license. If you have a bad one, everyone gets to see it!

I like music and tend to like quotes from them even better, you can take a look at my quote list, which should change or lengthen frequently (But really doesn't).